Trust Center Updates, NDA consent records, and more (12/28/21)


Introducing... Trust Center Updates ✨


Maintaining customer trust made easy. Publish security bulletins, security advisories, and compliance updates on your Security Portal. Also, actively share with your subscribers your top security news by email.

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Clickwrap NDA Consent Records 📋

→ Once a Clickwrap NDA is signed, Security Portal visitors now automatically get an NDA consent record. So no matter if you use Clickwrap or DocuSign, your visitors will get a digital copy of your NDA.

Trust Center Updates, Security Portal, Knowledge Base, NDA automation, and so much more. SafeBase. World's #1 Smart Trust Center.


🗓️ Coming up

→ Use tabs to display security details of different products separately on your Security Portal. Grant separate access to each of your products to keep the process focused and only share what's needed.

→ Social proof matters. Display logos of key customers on your Security Portal to earn trust from prospects at a glance.

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