SafeBase Release Notes

🔥Hide Trust Center items by default, improved search experience, and more (2/1/24)Automatically revoke account access, new Public Access Levels controls, and more (1/12/24)✈️SOC 2 Bridge Letter, Re-Invite Account Members, Salesforce Integration EnhancementAI-powered Questionnaire Assistance, Bulk KB Actions, Additional Webhooks, and More (11/16/23)🎊Add Docs to More Cards, Select Featured Docs Easier, KB and Accounts Refresh, and More (10/19/23)🚀Rules Engine Visualizations, Async KB Editing, Trust Alliance Badge and More (8/24/23)🧭Advanced Analytics, Public KB, and More (7/20/23)⛰️HackerOne Integration, SCIM, and More (6/16/23)🌏Change Log, Account Colleague Invite (5/22/23)🔥Easily Add Accounts, Auto Invite, SafeBase Trust Alliance (4/13/23)Expiration Dates and Alerts, Statuspage.io Integration, and More (3/23/23)✈️View as PDF, Webhooks, Complete Review Tracking, and More (3/6/23)TCU Categorization, Clickwrap NDA Template, and More (1/26/23)🎊HubSpot Rules Engine, SOC 2 Link, and More (1/12/23)🚀Starting 2023 with a Bang -- HubSpot Integration, Public KB, and More (1/5/23)🧭Rename Cards and Items, Salesforce App, and More (12/14/22)⛰️'Data Privacy' Card, SecurityScorecard Integration, and More (11/15/22)🌍Granular Access Controls, Custom Items, and More (11/03/22)🔥Jira integration, portal titles, and more (10/11/22)Access expiration controls, ongoing trust updates, and more (09/29/22)✈️Feature key documents, share security grades, and more (8/16/22)Extensive analytics dashboard, font customization, and more (7/22/22)🎊Auto-approve access requests with Salesforce, customize access request form, and more (06/14/22)🚀Share subprocessors, SafeBase Suggestions, and more (05/24/22)🧭Edit trust updates, collect signed NDAs, and create multiple portal pages (04/14/22)🏔️Share customer logos on your Security Portal (03/03/22)🌎Analytics dashboard, revamped portal, activity log, and more (02/18/22)🔥Match accounts with Salesforce, smartly auto-approve, and more (02/01/22)Trust Center Updates, NDA consent records, and more (12/28/21)✈️Compliance progress, advanced questionnaire submission, and more (12/03/21)Send compliance updates, engaging page layout, and more (11/19/21)🎊Slack bot, watermark documents, and more (11/01/21)🚀Present your documents, invite teammates, and more (10/26/21)🧭White-label emails, responsible disclosure, and more (10/14/21)⛰️Upload freeform files, branding assets, and more (10/01/21)🌎Subscribe to compliance updates (09/22/21)🔥Status Page deep linking, beta API (09/13/21)Auto-approve access requests, polished interfaces (08/16/21)✈️Revamped onboarding, improved UI (07/27/21)Public file access, new icon colors (07/07/21)🎊Status Page search box, invite account members, and more (06/07/21)🚀Private Page login, nofiticaion settings, and more (05/10/21)🧭Self-serve onboarding, Salesforce integration (04/14/21)⛰️New Knowledge Base layout, self-serve onboarding guide (03/23/21)🌎Role-based access control, SAML 2.0 support, and more (03/10/21)🔥Customize Status Page, clickwrap NDAs (03/01/21)New certification items, Intercom integration, and more (02/01/21)✈️Knowledge Base, Completed Forms card (01/13/21)NDA automation, Reports card (12/29/20)🎊Notification emails, Markdown support, and more (12/07/20)🚀Custom domains, new portal UI, and more (10/19/20)🧭Expand cards, hide cards, and more (10/12/20)