Self-serve onboarding, Salesforce integration (04/14/21)

Happy Friday! We've been heads down with product development over the last couple of weeks and have a great set of new features for you to try out (and one big ask of you). Read on below to see what's new in SafeBase.

πŸ” What do we do again?

SafeBase's interactive security status page enables companies to showcase their security practices and build trust with their customers.

🀝 An Ask for You

We spent the last two weeks working on our self-serve onboarding flow and are excited to finally have it in production. Users can go directly to our landing page and click on Create Your Account to launch into our app. Please help us get the word out by asking people in your network to visit https://safebase.io/ to create their security status page! We are offering a 30-day free trial of the Pro Plan when they sign up.

This will be especially useful if you ask your vendors and sub-processors to sign up for a security status page. This will make it easy for you to request their security documents and to keep a close eye on their security status.


βœ… Updates

  • Self-serve onboarding is live: we are open for business on the web! You can now visit our landing page and click on Create Your Account or Sign Up to start your SafeBase journey. This is a big milestone for us just as we are starting to see more organic sign-ups take place.
  • SafeBase + Salesforce: our Salesforce integration is now live! You can connect SafeBase to Salesforce and pipe SafeBase events over to augment the existing data in your Salesforce customer accounts. This has been one of our most requested features and we are excited to finally have it ready to go. Please let us know if you'd like this to be enabled for your account.
  • New URL option for your status page: we now offer our users the ability to claim a security.page option as their URL. Companies that don't want to host the security status page on their own domain can default to companyname.security.page as their URL. Please contact us if you'd like to enable this for your status page.
  • Updated Access Request modal design: the Access Request modal is sporting a new coat of paint. We've cleaned up the layout and added logic to deter multiple requests from the same user.

🐝 Bug Fixes

  • UX bug on the status page: Request Access buttons only show up now if there are files associated with an item on the status page.

πŸ’‘How others are using SafeBase

One of our Series B customers compared the time it took for them to respond to a request for security information with and without SafeBase. They found that the response time dropped over 90% (from ~24 hrs to ~130 minutes). We are beyond excited to hear that the product is working as intended!

From the CISO of the company:

"SafeBase has allowed us to prioritize our customers procurement and cybersecurity processes by giving them a simple and easy to use self-service portal to access and answer all the same questions I ask of our vendors. I know how much time I spend reviewing vendor security and SafeBase allows me to make it as easy and painless as possible for my peers and our customers.”

πŸ“₯ Feedback + Questions

Your feedback is critical for our product development process. You can reach us by replying directly to this email or sending us a note atΒ feedback@safebase.io


Team SafeBase

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