Slack bot, watermark documents, and more (11/01/21)


✨ What's new

→ Approve access requests on the spot through Slack. Stay on top of things with instant messages about document downloads, questionnaire submissions, new subscribers, and more. Reach out to activate the SafeBase Slack bot right awayEmail us →


→ Reach out to activate automatic watermarks, so that your documents will be watermarked with the recipient's company, recipient's email, and date & time once downloaded. Email us →


→ Check out these new Security Status Page items to share even more security details with your prospects.


🗓️ Coming up

→ Send compliance updates to your subscribers.

→ Allow Security Status Page visitors to submit links to their questionnaire portals rather than just sheets and documents, so that you can accept and manage all types of questionnaires on SafeBase.

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