SOC 2 Bridge Letter, Re-Invite Account Members, Salesforce Integration Enhancement

In today's round-up, we cover the launch of SOC 2 bridge letters, how to re-send invites to account members, addition of more webhooks, and improvements to our Salesforce integration. Lets dive in!

⚡ SOC 2 Bridge Letter

Most SafeBase customers have a SOC 2. In fact, the most downloaded or viewed doc over the last year was a SOC 2! But what happens when a prospect or customer needs a SOC 2 bridge letter (to bridge the gap between the end of the audit period and the current date)? Historically, you would have had to manually create this document and share. NO MORE.

With an automated SOC 2 bridge letter: you simply need to upload your letter template into SafeBase and enter the signer name and title. And bam! Once downloaded, a bridge letter will get created which incorporates your logo, current date, recipient, and all other details.

This feature is available to all our paid plans. To add a bridge letter: in the "Trust Center Editor" space navigate to the "Reports" card > "SOC 2 Report". For additional details check out this help article.


🚀 But wait, there's SO MUCH more!

→ Re-send invite to account members - to quickly resend a Trust Center invite whenever you get the question "help me, I need access and cannot find the email - can you send again?"

Navigate to the "Accounts" space > scroll down to "Accounts" section and select the account where you want to re-invite the specific person. Scroll down to the "Accounts Member" section, and next to the member name select the ellipsis icon > "Invite to Trust Center".

They will then get an email inviting them to view your Trust Center. It's as easy as that to re-send a link and ensure all prospects and customers have access at their fingertips.


→ Webhooks: Colleague Invited - is the newest event type supported. The event, accounts.members.colleagueInvited is sent when an account member invites their colleague. To configure this webhook, navigate to "Settings" > "Integrations" > "Webhooks" and either "Connect" if this is your first webhook, or "Configure" (gear icon) to get started. And of course if other events would be helpful, please let us know. We are always expanding our webhooks library. Learn more about our webhooks here.

→ Salesforce integration enhancements - to further improve the experience with Salesforce+SafeBase. To note, our Salesforce integration is available only to enterprise customers. If you want to explore what this could like, please respond to this email or reach out to your CSM.

Here are the recent detailed enhancements:

  • Salesforce integration config changes to allow customers to: exclude leads in getting access (now when you setup your Salesforce instance you can select "ignore lead when creating tasks") as well as task type to support creating tasks in Salesforce.
  • Custom field mapping for "customer type" to accurately map based on how your Salesforce instance is configured. And, this mapping will flow through to Advanced Analytics to properly show the mapping you use.
  • Consolidation of bulk download tasks to show only one task vs. an individual task for each document downloaded. This will make it easier to quickly see who downloaded what and when (and not be overwhelmed by too many tasks created!).

→ Updated banner at the top of your Trust Center - to make it clear and concise what this Trust Center allows your prospects and customers to do. Screenshot below of this compact design in SafeBase's own Trust Center.


🗓️ Coming soon

→ Improved Knowledge Base (KB) search via Chrome Extension - easier than ever to search for KB answers directly in Chrome.

→ Display specific documents to specific accounts - this added customization means a document could only be visible to a specific customer, all your enterprise customers, buyers of a specific product, or just certain geographies (for example).

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