TCU Categorization, Clickwrap NDA Template, and More (1/26/23)

🔠 TCU (Trust Center Update) categorization

Now all TCUs (Trust Center Updates) will have a category! This makes it easier for all stakeholders to quickly learn what type of update is being published. Categories include:

  • Compliance - includes updates on new documents (for example new SOC 2 or Pentest).
  • Incidents - updates on new or ongoing vulnerabilities, as well as how / or how not your company is impacted.
  • Subprocessors - updates on new or removed subprocessors.
  • General all other updates, including 'welcome to our Trust Center' or other general security messages (not captured above).

How this works: When a new TCU is created, admins will now see a 'category' prompt and options. To note - SafeBase will be automatically tagging all your past updates. If you want to make any changes to these, you can easily edit the TCU directly.


📄 Clickwrap NDA template

Want to use a Clickwrap NDA but unsure where to start? Have an NDA but want to revisit the language? Head on over to Settings > NDA > Clickwrap NDA and select 'Download NDA Template'. From this template, feel free to customize as needed.


🚀 But wait, there's SO MUCH more!

→ DORA now included in 'Compliance' - indicate if your organization follows the DORA (Digital Operational Resilience Act) framework.


→ Redesigned 'Accounts' table - within the 'Accounts' tab you will see a new and improved 'Accounts' table. This updated view has new ordering, coloring, and language to clearly show access status, permission profile, and NDA status.

→ New custom property within HubSpot - as we continue to deepen our HubSpot integration, we have added a custom property where admins can define which field to write to (and even include a link!). Now, for example, when a sales person gets an alert that a new contact has requested access - they can click directly on the link (in the alert) to see that account directly in SafeBase.

→ 'Job Title' added in Access Request flow - organizations can now see who visits their Trust Center by collecting Job Title when a visitor requests access. Simply toggle this on in Security Portal > Settings to start collecting this info, and see it populating on your Accounts page.

→ Improved UI for KB (Knowledge Base) - click to focus - it’s now even easier to find answers within your KB. Quickly move through each entry on the KB list as usual, and when you want to dive into one, simply click! This will keep the Details of the specific question on the right. To go back to hover mode, simply click again.

🗓️ Coming soon

→ Favorite entries in Knowledge Base (KB) - add a ⭐ to have an entry appear at the top of the list in both public and private views. To note, public KB is currently in beta. Check out this help article and please reach out if you want to get this up and running.

→ Single use magic link - to further improve your Trust Center security, the magic links sent to Account members will be single use.

📥 SafeBase news

Reminder on February 14th at 10am PT / 1pm ET we will be hosting a webinar titled Accelerating Customer Trust in 2023. Consider this our Valentine's Day gift to you ❤️.

Register here to join Al and Bret Bender, Info Security Engineer at Jamf, as they discuss the critical elements of 'customer trust', trends from 2022, and what organizations can expect in 2023.


Check out our newest blog "Imagining a World Without Security Questionnaireswhich explores the world SafeBase is building - one without those pesky questionnaires.

Lastly, as always - we welcome feature requests on our customer feedback portal. We can't wait to hear from you!