Rules Engine Visualizations, Async KB Editing, Trust Alliance Badge and More (8/24/23)

📜 CRM Rules Engine Visualization

Earlier this year we released CRM Rules Engine. If you are a Salesforce or HubSpot customer, SafeBase has the option to connect with these tools to streamline the access request flow.

For example, some common rules we have seen -

✅ Auto-approve companies with a contract size above a threshold

✅ Auto-approve anyone not marked as a 'competitor'

✅ Override NDAs only if the NDA was signed in the last 6 months

After this release, we heard you loud and clear - the functionality was amazing but it was hard to REALLY see what was happening. Which conditions resulted in an approval? Is it an "or" or "and" condition that we are using? Enter - Rules Engine visualization.

If you have rules configured, you can now see the visualization in the "Settings" tab > under "Accounts". Questions? Check out this help article.


✏️ Async Editing of Knowledge Base (KB)

Editing your KB has just become a lot easier - you no longer have to wait to save! Instead, you can continue to navigate and make edits in KB, while saving happens in the background.

To see the saving status - look for the little popup in the bottom right hand corner. This will indicate if its in progressdone, or an error occurred (which will let you retry). Talk about improving performance and making it even easier to add, edit, and keep your Knowledge Base up to date.


🛡️ Trust Alliance Badge - Display in your Trust Center

Are you a proud member of SafeBase's Trust Alliance (the leading community for trust-minded organizations) and want to showcase this on your Trust Center? Now you can 🚀!

To enable this badge - navigate over to "Trust Center Settings / Appearance" (click the gear at top right in "Trust Center Editor" tab) > and toggle on "Trust Alliance Badge". This badge will now be displayed in the Overview card!


Not a Trust Alliance member and want to learn more or join? We can't wait to welcome you to this community. And stay tuned for a big announcement in our next release note - our Community Forum space is launching soon!

👨🏻‍💻 Salesforce and Jira Integrations - Updates Required

Calling everyone who uses the Salesforce or Jira integrations -- please ensure you have migrated and reset your connection!

To check: Navigate to the "Settings" tab > "Integrations" and verify you are connected to Salesforce and Jira [not Salesforce (Legacy) or Jira (Legacy)]. These older connections will be sunsetted soon, so please ensure you have made the transition. Let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or need help in switching over.

Additionally - we have updated the Salesforce managed app. Our new managed app is more stable and provides some bug fixes! Please review this article for the updated link and a list of changes.

🚀 But wait, there's SO MUCH more!

→ Added navigation within "Settings" - our "Settings" tab just got a glow-up! You will now see a submenu on the page, making navigation between sections fast and easy.


→ New KB Editor role - org-members with the new "KB Editor" role can view the dashboard and the KB, and also edit KB entries.

→ New Compliance item EU-US DPF - showcase the new data privacy framework on your Trust Center.


→ GA SCIM - in an earlier release we announced our beta feature - SCIM (System for Cross-Domain Identity Management). This standard for user identity management across systems is now generally available to all enterprise customers. Learn more about setup here.

🗓️ Coming soon

→ Questionnaire automation - by popular request, we are building a solution to leverage your Knowledge Base (KB) and AI to more easily answer questionnaires. With your Trust Center you can proactively showcase your security posture, reducing the number and need for custom questionnaires. But we recognize that answering questionnaires is a huge pain no matter how little you receive. If you are interested in learning more about what we are building, please reach out.

→ Additional KB improvements - all KB tables will be getting a refresh, making it even easier to find, search, and use your KB. Additionally, we will be introducing bulk actions, such as: delete, change access level, etc., as well as launching a KB Slackbot to support searching KB on Slack.

→ Account feedback - receive direct feedback from accounts accessing and reviewing your trust program.

📣 SafeBase news

We at SafeBase are planning something very exciting - our inaugural Women In Trust Summit in San Francisco on October 3rd!

The Summit will be a one-day event all about sharing experiences and insights among women working in trust, cybersecurity, and privacy. We’ll have thought-provoking speakers, and the opportunity for valuable conversation and networking.

Are there any women in your network who might like to attend? Submit their name here. (And yes, you can submit yourself.)


Feedback: Lastly, as always - please add a feature request or upvote on our customer feedback portal. We love hearing directly from you!