HackerOne Integration, SCIM, and More (6/16/23)

🪲 HackerOne Integration

Showcase your HackerOne bug bounty program! Display live stats, including: overall program statistics, bounty amounts, and response efficiency. Navigate over to the "App Security" card > and enter your public program URL within the "Responsible Disclosure" section. Learn more here, and check out Instacart proudly displaying their bug bounty program.



SafeBase now supports SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management). Now you can streamline user identity management across systems by automating provisioning of user data. Heck yes! If you are an enterprise customer and want to get started, please reach out Customer Success or respond here.

🧠 Multi-Product Knowledge Base (KB)

Enterprise orgs with multiple products (different Trust Centers for each business unit or company) can now link Knowledge Base (KB) sources to a specific product. This allows team members to quickly see questions and answers for a specific product, and filter as needed. Now, when you import to KB you will see a field for "products".


🚀 But wait, there's SO MUCH more!

→ Trust Center Updates (TCU) API - automate and create a Trust Center Update (TCU) directly via API. Full details on all the endpoints (including create TCU topic, edit, delete, etc.) can be found in our API guide here. To note, this feature is for paying customers with API keys. Happy posting!

→ Salesforce migration - we have switched our Salesforce integration platform provider from Paragon to Tray. The integration's functionality has not changed, but you will need to reset your connection. Head over to Settings > Integrations, and hit "configure" for "Salesforce" (will replace "Salesforce legacy").

🗓️ Coming soon

→ Custom compliance certificates - add your own compliance certificates to accurately communicate your trust program.

→ Public Knowledge Base (KB) - configure and disclose certain KB entries to external users. Further reduce questionnaires and one-off requests by providing answers to top asked questions.

→ Salesforce webhooks - additional webhook endpoints added to further enhance the functionality and customizability of your CRM integration.

→ Account feedback score - receive direct feedback from accounts accessing and reviewing your trust program.

→ Rules-engine visualization - easily see and audit existing custom rules. For example, see and track all the Salesforce conditions that result in an account getting auto-approved. Saweet.

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