Advanced Analytics, Public KB, and More (7/20/23)

📊 Advanced Analytics Dashboard

Gone are the days of struggling to demonstrate the impact of security on your business's top line revenue. With the new Advanced Analytics Dashboard you can automatically quantify and demonstrate the value security contributes to your company's revenue.

This new dashboard shows:

  • How many deals security has helped closed
  • The value of the deals security has influenced
  • The highest-value security-influenced deals in progress

To note - Advanced Analytics is available only for our Enterprise customers. To get started reach out here or to your CSM. We will work closely to ensure the dashboard accurately captures how you track revenue and deals in Salesforce, including customization, if needed.


⭐ Public KB and Favoriting Entries

Your Trust Center shows what matters to your security program, and what your customers or prospects want to see. The new public Knowledge Base (KB) further improves self-serve. Now all stakeholders accessing your Trust Center can see answers to common questions.

Check out Asana's Trust Center and how they leverage the public KB:


To showcase a public KB - navigate to the "Knowledge Base" tab in the app, select the entry you want to make visible, edit and change the "access" field of the entry to "public". Or select "private" if you only want those who have received access to your Trust Center to view.

Additionally, within your KB (either internal or public) you can pin important entries by adding a ⭐. These will appear at the top of the list in both internal and public views.

Within the "Knowledge Base" tab, hover over a question/answer to now see the little ⭐. Select this and hit refresh on the page. Magic! This entry will now appear at the top.


Want to learn more? Additional details on public KB here, or this article on KB basics.

🚀 But wait, there's SO MUCH more!

→ Bulk download documents - visitors to your Trust Center can now batch-download selected docs into a zip. They simply need to select the "Bulk Download" button on the "Documents" card.


→ Customize RTO / RPO time - indicate the exact Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) time. Now you can accurately communicate time for each, instead of default ranges. To customize, edit RTO or RPO within the "Risk Profile" card.


→ Language refresh - Trust Center - in the past we used various other names to refer to the SafeBase product. To be consistent and accurately characterize, you will see "Trust Center" (instead of Security Portal) throughout the app. Allow us to re-introduce ourselves!

🗓️ Coming soon

→ Questionnaire automation and chrome extension - by popular request, we are building a solution to leverage your Knowledge Base (KB) and AI to more easily answer questionnaires. With your Trust Center you can proactively showcase your security posture, reducing the number and need for custom questionnaires. But we recognize that answering questionnaires is a huge pain no matter how little you receive. If you are interested in learning more about what we are building, please reach out.

→ Additional KB improvements - all KB tables will be getting a refresh, making it even easier to find, search, and use your KB. Additionally, we will be introducing bulk actions, such as: delete, change access level, etc., as well as launching a KB Slackbot to support searching KB on Slack.

→ Account feedback - receive direct feedback from accounts accessing and reviewing your trust program.

→ Rules engine visualization - easily see and audit existing custom rules. For example, see and track all the Salesforce conditions that result in an account getting auto-approved.

📣 SafeBase news

Stats: Last week we shared an infographic, created to help SafeBase customers see how they "stack up" to peers. The infographic shows average stats across all paying SafeBase customers, percentage of customers that display specific info, and engagement stats (for example most commonly downloaded documents).

Want to see the full infographic and aren't a member of SafeBase's Trust Alliance? Join the Alliance here to unlock benefits of the community and this infographic.


Blog and Video: "Your Third-Party Risk Management Program is Bad and You Should Feel Bad" from RSAC 2023 is a must-watch session for any cybersecurity leader. Check out this blog for some of our top TPRM takeaways, and the full session video.

Events: Are you attending Black Hat 2023?? We'd love to connect with you. Email us at conferences@safebase.io to set up a meeting. We can’t wait to see you in Las Vegas!

Feedback: Lastly, as always - please add a feature request or upvote on our customer feedback portal. We love hearing directly from you!