Compliance progress, advanced questionnaire submission, and more (12/03/21)


✨ What's new

→ Your pending compliance could be key to your next deal. Set Compliance Card items to "in progress" to publicize your progress towards SOC 2, ISO 27001, and other certifications. See it yourself on SafeBase's Security Status Page.


→ Your Private Page visitors can now submit links to their questionnaire portals rather than just sheets and documents, so that you can accept and manage all types of questionnaires on SafeBase.


→ Learn how to easily create accounts, invite prospects to view your security documentation, and more with our expanded API. Get our API Guide.

📄 Are you watermarking your confidential documents?

We can do it for you. Reach out to automatically watermark PDF documents downloaded from your Security Status Page.


🗓️ Coming up

→ Use tabs to display security details of different products separately on your Security Status Page. Grant separate access to the private security details of each of your products to keep the process focused and only share what's needed.

→ Post security bulletins and security advisories on your Security Status Page to gain trust and maintain transparency.

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