Share customer logos on your Security Portal (03/03/22)


Earn social proof with your customer logos 🔥


That's cool. How can we add that to our SafeBase Portal?

By simply selecting companies on the "Trusted By" card. Logos will appear automatically for each, and you may order them as you wish.


Done. Where's my artwork?

Almost there, Michelangelo. The card has been hidden so that it doesn't appear empty on your portal. Hit "Show" to make it public.


Show the world how trustworthy your company is. Note: only Admins can edit this card.

🗓️ Coming up

→ Feature key documents prominently so that prospects cannot miss them.

→ Share your subprocessors in a dedicated space on your Security Portal.

 Display security details of different products separately on your Security Portal. Grant separate access to each product to keep the process focused and only share what's needed.


Best, Team SafeBase 🌎🌍