Hide Trust Center items by default, improved search experience, and more (2/1/24)

In today's round-up, we cover a new, more restricted access level for Trust Center items, our new and improved Trust Center search experience, automated SOC 1 bridge letters, and more.

Also, SafeBase's new CISO Lisa Hall, along with CISOs from ServiceTitan and Axonius, will be taking part in a virtual roundtable with Schellman next Friday, February 9th. We hope you'll join us.

New Most Restricted Access Level: Hidden by Default

We've enabled an even more restricted access level for your Trust Center documentation, allowing you to keep particular documents completely hidden from everyone outside of a particular permission profile. Accounts without the appropriate permission will not see the item appear on the Trust Center at all.

You may choose to use this access level to hide documents from those to whom they are irrelevant (e.g., geo- or industry-specific items), or to hide documents that are meant for internal use only. See how it works below:

To create a hidden item on the Trust Center:

  1. Configure a Restricted/hidden item. Navigate to an item in the Trust Center editor and click "Edit" at the top right. Select the "Restricted" button, and then toggle on the "Hide unless access granted" button (see below).
  2. Include the item in a Permission Profile. Then, go to Trust Center settings on the lefthand menu bar and navigate to "Permission Profiles," where you can create a new profile or edit an existing profile to include access to the item. If documents are for internal use only, there's no need to add them to a profile.
  3. Assign the Permission Profile to the appropriate accounts. In the Accounts tab, add the appropriate accounts to the Permission Profile.

Learn more about Trust Center documentation access levels in our help center article.

Improved Trust Center Search UX and UI

We've made it even easier you and your accounts to find answers in your Trust Center with an improved search experience, which includes a dedicated search modal and more streamlined, organized results. Easier to access information means greater transparency (and fewer questionnaires!).


But wait, there's SO MUCH more!

→ Automated bridge letters for SOC 1 - We now offer creation and sharing of SOC 1 bridge letters, in addition to SOC 2 bridge letters. Learn how to create a bridge letter in your Trust Center here.

→ New Security Grade items - Customers can now display additional Security Grade items in their Trust Centers, including Upguard Security score, BitSight score, and Black Kite Cyber Rating. Grades must be added manually.

→ Upload .zip files to Trust Center items - Admins can now upload .zip files, including pentest reports and SBOM files.

→ Redesigned Advanced Analytics dashboard - The Advanced Analytics dashboard has been updated to provide a cleaner, more impactful experience. Learn more about our Advanced Analytics features (BETA) here.

→ Webhooks for Knowledge Base entry updates - We've added a new webhook event to trigger when a Knowledge Base entry is updated, allowing customers that subscribe to webhooks to monitor their org's Knowledge Base activity.

SafeBase news

Virtual Roundtable: CISOs on Transparency in Cybersecurity

Join us for a fireside chat with our partners at Schellman, featuring perspectives from CISOs Lisa Hall (SafeBase), Lenny Zeltser (Axonius), and Cassio Goldschmidt (ServiceTitan) on the shift in cybersecurity toward transparency. The virtual event will take place on Friday, February 9 at 10AM PT / 1PM ET. Register here.

Trust Alliance - Community Forum: Ask your questions!

Our Trust Alliance Community Forum is the perfect space to ask questions of fellow SafeBase customers. Learn tips and tricks on using SafeBase, how others are embracing transparency and closing the talent gap, and so much more. We are excited to see your voice in the community.


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