Extensive analytics dashboard, font customization, and more (7/22/22)


📊 How do prospects interact with my Trust Center?

Seventeen detailed charts will answer all your questions. Our newest graphs cover active accounts, portal cards, prospect questionnaires, and even your team's effectiveness.


That's not all. Share the dashboard with colleagues and leadership as a live dashboard, image, or PDF. You may protect the dashboard with a password of your choice.


✨ Even more new features

 Do you share your subprocessors on SafeBase? Easily direct to your subprocessor listing by adding /subprocessors to your portal's URL. Provide this link in your DPA so your customers can always view your most up-to-date listing. See it in action: security.safebase.io/subprocessors.

→ Customize the font of your Security Portal out of dozens of available fonts in Security Portal Settings.


Notice that you can also customize the header color to align with your company's landing page fully.

 (Enterprise only) Configure your Salesforce integration to automatically create a Lead for a requester by assigning to an existing Account if Contact doesn't exist yet.

🗓️ Coming up

→ Integrate SafeBase with Jira to create Jira tickets per access requests.

→ Limit access to your security documentation to a restricted period.

→ Showcase more security grades on your Security Portal.

→ Group trust updates about ongoing incidents to reflect how you react to them over time.

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