Status Page deep linking, beta API (09/13/21)


✨ What's New

→ Sharing a document with a customer? Generate direct links to Status Page items with uploaded files from any account page. Login and NDA are required, so only your recipient can use the link. Of course, you can still share your full Private Status Page as well.


The new Status Page Preview Mode grants you increased access control. Go to Status Page settings to restrict it for only logged-in teammates so that no one else can see your Status Page before you publicize it.


→ And finally, we're excited to announce the SafeBase Beta API! Beta testers can already create accounts and grant access to their Status Page using custom integrations. Let us know if you'd like to try it out!

🥳 Testimonial

"We've reduced sales cycles by an average of 7 days with our security status page and the Salesforce integration. Our sales team is more informed when deals move to the security review process as well as our customers who sometimes don't have visibility into their own procurement processes. And with the self service capability cybersecurity can quickly complete their review and keep the deal moving forward. This is huge for our customers cybersecurity teams to support and enable their own businesses."

- Chris Castaldo, CISO at Crossbeam

🗓️ Coming Up

Subscription: This is a highly requested feature is in the making! Soon you'll be able to automatically send compliance updates to your subscribers without them having to contact you or check your Status Page. ⚡

📥 Talk to Us

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