Granular Access Controls, Custom Items, and More (11/03/22)


🔍 Granular Access Controls

Customize which sensitive documents each account can access, by creating tailored 'Permission Profiles'. Do your free plans, various geographies, or different teams (for example) need access to specific documents but not all documents? Permission Profiles to the rescue!

How?→ On the Free plan, nothing changes - you will now see 'Full Access' Profile.→ The Growth plan allows you to create two additional Profiles.→ And lastly, Enterprise plans have unlimited Permission Profiles - to seamlessly grant granular and specific access controls!

Want to learn more? Check out the video below or this help article to learn how to create, set your default, and assign Profiles to a specific account.


🆕 Custom Items in the Documents Card

Create new items within the Documents section. These custom items are just like other documents - they appear on the card preview, can be featured, included in Permission Profiles, and can be shared with specific links.To note - as we work on additional customization, renaming existing items is coming later in Q4 🎉.


🚀 But wait, there's more!

→ Data Warehouse Sync (Enterprise plan) allows organizations to get key SafeBase data directly to their warehouses - such as Snowflake, BigQuery, Redshift, AWS, etc.Learn more about what data is currently supported (for example - access requests, page views, documents downloaded, etc.) and how to sync your data in this article. Here is a preview of data that can be synced:


→ Slack notifications for auto-approved requests: With auto-approve enabled you can see which requests were approved, directly in your Slack!

🗓️ Coming soon

→ Adding single entry to Knowledge Base - quickly add new questions, answers, and comments on an individual level to your Knowledge Base (KB).

→ In-app PDF viewer - view documents directly in-app (versus having to download) with the soon to be released in-app PDF viewer.

→ Renaming items and cards - as mentioned above, customization to name specific items and cards.

📥 Connect with SafeBase

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Best, Team SafeBase🌎🌍