Feature key documents, share security grades, and more (8/16/22)


✨ Make your documents POP


Tell me more. You can now pick "Featured Documents" that appear prominently on your Documents card. You can feature any document you don't want your prospects to miss, like your SOC 2, ISO 27001, or self-assessments.

Cool, how can we pick featured documents? On your Security Portal editor, navigate to "Pick Featured Documents" and check the documents you wish to make extra accessible.


🚀 Even more new features

→ Showcase more security grades on your Security Portal. New items include SecurityScorecard, Security Headers, ImmuniWeb, CryptCheck, CIS, and more. Click here to see it in action.

→ Track account activity on the Account page. See who logged into your portal from that account, when, and what documents they downloaded. Export all data on the spot to a CSV or PDF.


🗓️ Coming up

→ Automatically revoke access to your security documentation after a period of your choice.

→ Restrict access to your most sensitive documentation with granular access controls.

→ Group trust updates about ongoing incidents to reflect how you react to them over time.

→ Integrate SafeBase with Jira to create Jira tickets per access requests.

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Best, Team SafeBase 🌎🌍