Status Page search box, invite account members, and more (06/07/21)


Another week, another release! We have a great set of updates and fixes for you to try out this week. Read on below to see what we've been working on.

πŸ” What do we do again?

SafeBase accelerates the vendor assessment process for cloud software vendors by providing a customer-facing security status page. Behind the scenes, the status page is powered by a set of automated workflows and integrations with sales and security tools, to ensure sales and security teams are working together to accelerate the sales process.

βœ… Updates

  • Search box on status page: users can now search for content on your status page. The search box is available both within the SafeBase app and on your public facing security page.
  • New customization options: use the new customization options to further personalize the status page for your company. Link Color and Button Text Color are two new options that have been added.
  • Work emails required for access requests: we have added logic in the access request form to only accept work emails. This will help prevent spam and ensure that information collected from the form is of high value to your company.
  • PIPEDA and HECVAT: options for the Canadian privacy standard and the education industry's standard questionnaire are now available within SafeBase.
  • Add private page members without sending an email: you can now invite users to view a status page without sending an automated invite email. Just switch the toggle off when adding a new user to a customer account. You can then share the private page link directly with them after they've been added.

πŸ—“οΈ Coming Up

  • Weekly activity digests: receive a weekly digest of user activity for your status page.
  • Slack notifications: be notified in Slack whenever a user interacts with your status page.

πŸ’‘How others are using SafeBase

One of SafeBase's customers has saved over 43.5 hours of work in the past month equating to $3000/month of savings realized. The ease of sending a security status page link and having SafeBase take care of the NDA process with the customer has allowed them to dedicate precious work time on higher value tasks across the board. We are extremely excited about these stories of the product working as intended and our customers getting outsized value from their investment in SafeBase.

⚑New Blog Post

Our latest blog post takes a closer look at the major security breaches that have taken place in the past year and the effects they've had on cybersecurity tooling.


πŸŽ‰ Deals

If you are looking to get your SOC2 done, please reach out to us to learn about our new partnerships with SOC2 automation vendors. There are some great deals to be redeemed!

πŸ“₯ Feedback + Questions

Your feedback is critical for our product development process. You can reach us by replying directly to this email or sending us a note atΒ feedback@safebase.io


Team SafeBase

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