New certification items, Intercom integration, and more (02/01/21)

Another week, another release! We have a great set of updates for you to try out this week. Read on below to see what we've been working on.

🔐 What do we do again?

SafeBase automates security assessment workflows and eliminates the pain of completing security questionnaires for B2B SaaS vendors.

✅ Updates

  • Updated Certifications Card: there are a range of new certification options available for you to display on your status page. You can enable/disable the logos by editing them in the Certifications card on your status page.
  • New Card: You can edit the new Endpoint Security card to display items such as MDM, DNS Filtering, Endpoint Detection & Response, and Threat Detection.
  • Google Analytics Integration: Add your Google Analytics Universal ID and Google Tag ID to track the performance of your Security Status Page in Google Analytics. This is a Pro tier feature.
  • Intercom Integration: Add your Intercom App ID to directly chat with customers on your security status page. This is a Pro tier feature.
  • Company logo in link preview: your company logo now shows up in the link preview when you share your security status page via any service displays link previews.
  • Login with SAML: We now support sign in via SAML. Please contact us if you would like to set up access to SafeBase via SAML (ie. with Okta or similar services)

🗓️ Coming Up

  • Adding support for displaying multiple SSL Labs results: customers that have different endpoints (website vs app) will be able to display multiple SSLLabs reports.
  • Displaying additional information in the Reports card: you will be able to display the name of the pentesting firm and the name of your SOC2 audit firm.

💡How others are using SafeBase

  • Recko has been inviting their customers to review their private status page at the beginning of each sale. This has reduced the number of questions they’ve received in security questionnaires, with many of their customers sending them shortened versions of their full questionnaires. Learn more by reading their case study.

📥 Feedback + Questions

Your feedback is critical for our product development process. You can reach us by replying directly to this email or sending us a note at


Team SafeBase

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