Upload freeform files, branding assets, and more (10/01/21)


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β†’ Use the Open Graph uploader to control the preview image of your Status Page when shared on Slack and social media. Going through a rebranding? Update your logo and favicon anytime. Check out the new "Branding & Design" section on your Status Page settings.


β†’ Can't find the right item for your file? Not a problem. Upload freeform files to the brand new "Security Prospectus" & "Other Policies" items.

"The Subscribe feature is a game-changer for enterprise customers who have requirements to conduct periodic reviews of critical vendors... We'll see a cost and time savings for both us and for customers." - Chris Castaldo, CISO at Crossbeam

Introducing... vendor emails that security teams will love. Learn more

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β†’ Send compliance updates to your subscribers.

β†’ Upload freeform files to self-customized Status Page items.

β†’Β Watermark documents automaticallyΒ to ensure the appropriate use of the documents you upload to SafeBase.

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