'Data Privacy' Card, SecurityScorecard Integration, and More (11/15/22)


📇 New 'Data Privacy' Card

By popular demand - we have added a new 'Data Privacy' card. This card includes items such as: cookies, data breach notifications (flag if you use Trust Center Updates 😊), data into / out of system, data privacy officer, and more. To get started you will need to 'unhide' the card in settings.Curious how we use this card? Check out our own SafeBase Trust Center.


🔗 SecurityScorecard Integration

Have a SecurityScorecard grade? Excited to share your result and further showcase your posture? Directly integrate in the 'Security Grades' card!


🚀 But wait, there's more!

→ Additional control of slack messages - if you use the Slack integration, you can now toggle to not be notified when documents are downloaded. Take control of your alerts - get notified for what matters most, and reduce some noise. Stay tuned for more slack controls in upcoming releases 🎉 .

→ UI / UX changes - we added a new 'Recent Activity' section and charts in the dashboard; and changed the account page layout (including repositioning some cards and renaming a few elements).

🗓️ Coming soon

→ Block access requests from certain email domains - for example block access from your pesky competitor's domains.

→ Additional auto-approval detail - easily see why a request was not auto-approved, to better manage your access requests and triage if necessary.

→ Adding single entry to Knowledge Base - quickly add new questions, answers, and comments on an individual level to your Knowledge Base (KB).

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Best,Team SafeBase🌎🌍