Access expiration controls, ongoing trust updates, and more (09/29/22)


✨ Revoke and reactivate account access

Tell me more.You can share your sensitive documentation for a limited period with the new controls for revocation and reactivation of account access.

How? → On the Free plan, you can manually revoke and reactivate access for any account at any time through the Account page. → On the Growth and Enterprise plans, you can also automatically revoke account access after a period of your choice.

See it in action in this 101-second video.

Check out this help article to get the most out of these new controls.


💬 Update on ongoing security incidents

Rather than creating one-time updates, you can create topics. You can add unlimited updates on a topic at different time points. This way, you can reflect on how you react to security incidents over time. This feature is only available for Admins on SafeBase.


🚀 Even more new features

→ Share your subprocessors as a document, list, or link to your website. Provide any additional context using the description box.

→ Visit our release notes portal to catch up on all recent releases in SafeBase.

🗓️ Coming up

→ Rename portal cards to align with the language of your company.

→ Restrict access to your most sensitive documentation with granular access controls.

→ Add custom items to the Documents card to host all your security documentation in appropriate items.

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Best, Team SafeBase 🌎🌍