Starting 2023 with a Bang -- HubSpot Integration, Public KB, and More (1/5/23)

🔗 HubSpot Integration

SafeBase now supports both a Salesforce AND HubSpot integration! With this integration, you can now sync activities on the SafeBase app to your HubSpot records. From access request, to account creation, document downloaded, and more -- its fast and easy to track and link with HubSpot. Want to learn more? Check out this help article here.


📣 Knowledge Base (KB) - now Public!

Knowledge Base (KB), the internal-facing tool used as the source of truth for security related questions and answers, now supports external posts. Org admins can mark each question, answer, or comment within KB as publicprivate, or internal. Now, your team can share additional detail with prospects and customers -- further removing the need for custom questionnaires. Score. And stay tuned for future enhancements to the KB - from supporting multi-products, to tagging favorites to find top answers faster. Learn more about KB here and public posts here.


💬 Import Audience for Trust Center Updates (TCUs)

Better control over Trust Center Update audience? ✅  Admins can now import an audience - a CSV file of customer and prospect emails (who you have permission to email). This allows you to proactively share communication, whether it be a new uploaded document or a security incident, to the specific audience who needs to stay informed. Learn more about posting TCUs here.


🚀 But wait, there's SO MUCH more!

→ Email domain as an input field - directly define which email domains to auto-approve with the new 'email domain' as an input field. Check out this article to learn more about editing accounts.

→ Block access requests from certain email domains - for example auto-deny access from your pesky competitor's domains. Please reach out to set up your blocklist, and once enabled admins can easily toggle this on and off.

→ New addition - 'Status Monitoring' within Infrastructure card - This new item is designed to link to your organization's status monitoring platform.

→ Customize "trusted by" language. You can now tweak and customize the default "YourOrg is reviewed and trusted by". "Companies we work with". Or "Customers who love us"? The sky is the limit (except under 100 characters 😉).

🗓️ Coming soon

→ HubSpot rules engine - will allow HubSpot users to set-up custom rules to configure auto-approval and NDA requirements.

→ Statuspage.io integration to further display status monitoring.

→ In-app PDF viewer - view documents directly in-app (versus having to download.)

→ Reorder cards and items - can't get enough customization? Beyond renaming (detailed in the last release notes), soon you can reorder! This will give you even more control in how to tell your security story.

📥 SafeBase news

Missed SafeBase's Year in Review, shared in December? Check out our blog post reflecting on 2022 and the banner year for customer trust. Share feature requests on our customer feedback portal. We can't wait to hear from you! Lastly, want to learn more about what we mean by a 'Smart Trust Center'In this blog - we discuss what makes your Trust Center smart, and how SafeBase is the critical connection between transparency and customer trust.