View as PDF, Webhooks, Complete Review Tracking, and More (3/6/23)

👀 PDF view -- natively in SafeBase

Your prospects and customers can now view documents directly in-app! By default, each doc will have two options - 'View' or 'Download', giving even more control to how your stakeholders interact with your Trust Center.


Want to customize these settings? Maybe only allow viewing? Head over to Org Settings > Document Settings > PDF Documents to make changes. Or check out this help article to learn more.

🪝 Webhooks integration

Webhooks integration is now live! Admins can now define webhooks to receive events from SafeBase, and create custom workflows or notifications. Saweeet. For example - when a new access request comes in, you can create a Zapier Webhooks Zap to post on a designated slack channel and notify a specific person or group. Or if someone submits a questionnaire, you can create a Zap to send that doc directly to a Google Drive folder and create a ticket in ClickUp. The possibilities are endless.To note, this feature is only available for paid plans. Reach out (via this email or to your CSM) to get started, or check out our help article to see more use cases.


✅ Complete review flow and tracking

Now you can track review status for each account! This gives you a snapshot, directly on your Accounts table, into where each account is in the assessment process - either 'not started', 'in progress', 'completed', 'inactive', or 'other'.How exactly is this info determined? Seven days after first logging in, account members will get an email asking if they have completed the review. From this, you and your team will have visibility into the process - helping you to follow-up accordingly. Have questions? Help article here.


🚀 But wait, there's SO MUCH more!

→ Add SBOM (Software Bill of Material) - within the 'App Security' card. As SBOM emerges as a key building block in software security, we are excited about this functionality, and cannot wait to further enhance in the future (including plans to automatically fetch details).

Not as familiar with SBOM or want to learn more? Our friend Walter Haydock from StackAware wrote this great summary article.


→ Single use access link - to further improve your Trust Center security - the access links sent to account members (those approved of accessing your Trust Center) will be single use and expire in 24 hours. In short, this will prevent someone from forwarding an access link. Added security ✓. Learn more about our magic link in this help article.

→ Migration of Jira integration - SafeBase has moved to Tray as our integration platform. As this migration requires authorizing Tray, it is necessary to re-set your Jira integration. Within Settings > Integration you will see Jira (legacy) and Jira. Simply 'configure' Jira and you're all set.

🗓️ Coming soon

→ Bulk invite accounts or account members - admins will be able to directly create new accounts (or add account members within an existing account) through a file import.

→ Support of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) - SafeBase will be able to support both GA formats: the soon-to-be sunsetted GA3, as well as GA4!

→ Expiration dates and automatic alerts - allows you to indicate when a document expires, and get notified as this date approaches.

📣 SafeBase news

Check out our latest whitepaper - 'Five Steps to Long-Lasting Customer Trust' which explores how the Customer Trust landscape has shifted, how tech buyers are responding, and most importantly what this implies for how companies should act.

On February 14th we hosted a webinar with Bret Bender, Info Security Engineer at Jamf. In this webinar (‘Accelerating Customer Trust in 2023 | Trends and Predictions’) our CEO Al and Bret explored what customer trust entails, and how it has evolved recently. And, beyond reflecting over 2022 - they predicted what organizations can expect in 2023. Full webinar video here (click on 'join event').

Lastly, as always - please add any feature requests or upvote on our customer feedback portal. We love hearing directly from you!